The HERO Podcast: Mindful Movement, Healthy Living & Adventure

Join Luke Jones - Online Content Creator, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Movement Geek - as he explores and shares ideas in healthy living, mindfulness and human performance. Whether you’re looking to eat a healthier diet, hone your movement skills, develop real-world functional fitness, build a regular mindfulness meditation practice, carve out the career of your dreams, or simply LIVE BETTER - the HERO Podcast is about providing you with the tools and habits you need to reach your goals and start living the life you’ve always wanted to live. Through weekly ponderings, essays and interviews, the goal is to help you bridge that gap between having a plan and taking action. Ultimately, to help you unlock your potential and unleash your inner HERO. Topics span the whole spectrum of healthy living and lifestyle design, including but not limited to: bodyweight fitness, mindful movement, building muscle, fat loss, martial arts, plant based nutrition, vegan eating, primal living, healthy habits, minimalism, meditation, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, and pretty much everything in between. For show notes, free resources, eBooks, coaching and more, head to: ---
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The HERO Podcast: Mindful Movement, Healthy Living & Adventure


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May 11, 2017

“Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else.”

― Martha Beck 

Thank you.

For listening to The HERO Podcast.

For putting up with my ramblings, subscribing to the show (and even leaving a few iTunes reviews too).

Alas, we've reached the end of season 1.

I'm gonna some time to reflect, relax and recharge the old batteries. And hopefully, I'll come back feeling refreshed and full of vigor, and ready to resume the mission of world domination again.


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Again, thank you so much!


What we cover in this week's episode of The HERO Podcast

  • Some of the highlights from the first 24 episodes of the HERO Podcast (and the key takeaways).
  • The biggest lessons I've learned from the past 4 months of podcasting, and what's in store next...
May 8, 2017

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

― Brian Tracy 


What we cover in this week's episode of The HERO Podcast

  • Some of the best free articles, apps and more that were instrumental in helping me change my habits.
  • Three of my favorite books relating to habit forming and the science behind success.
  • The exact step by step process that over 3000 people have used to change their habits, and change their life.
May 1, 2017

“Force is the language of cells and movement is what we say”

― Dr.Andreo Spina


Movement is life.

That's what I say.

And at the foundation of high-quality movement lies mobility. It's arguably the bedrock that all other physical feats of fitness (nice alliteration there) stand upon.

Without mobility, everything else falls to pieces. Everything.

So let's dust off our foam rollers, dig in and get nice and mobile.

What we cover in this week's episode of The HERO Podcast

  • What exactly is mobility, and how does it differ from flexibility?
  • Why mobility could help you avoid injury and become a stronger, better mover.
  • The most effective methods for improving your mobility and reaping the numerous benefits.