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Join Luke Jones - Online Content Creator, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Movement Geek - as he explores and shares ideas in healthy living, mindfulness and human performance. Whether you’re looking to eat a healthier diet, hone your movement skills, develop real-world functional fitness, build a regular mindfulness meditation practice, carve out the career of your dreams, or simply LIVE BETTER - the HERO Podcast is about providing you with the tools and habits you need to reach your goals and start living the life you’ve always wanted to live. Through weekly ponderings, essays and interviews, the goal is to help you bridge that gap between having a plan and taking action. Ultimately, to help you unlock your potential and unleash your inner HERO. Topics span the whole spectrum of healthy living and lifestyle design, including but not limited to: bodyweight fitness, mindful movement, building muscle, fat loss, martial arts, plant based nutrition, vegan eating, primal living, healthy habits, minimalism, meditation, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, and pretty much everything in between. For show notes, free resources, eBooks, coaching and more, head to: ---
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The HERO Podcast: Mindful Movement, Healthy Living & Adventure


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Mar 20, 2017

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

- J.K. Rowling - 


Chore vs Choice

How many times throughout the day do you view something as a chore?

You can include the common ones like doing the washing, cleaning your room, going shopping... But how about your meditation practice? Or going to the gym? Or preparing homemade meals? Or finishing off that piece of work?

It's easy to forget that most of the things that we fill our day with, most of the habits and routines we partake in - we choose to do them. Sure, they may slip into autopilot mode sometimes. But at some point down the line, we made the conscious decision to make time for that activity.

If we're not careful, it's easy to slip into that chore mindset - that we 'have' to do this, and 'have' to do that.

But what if we were able to step away from that line of thinking? What if we were able to be more present in everything that we do, to truly see those things for what they are? To embrace the things that we can't change? And to let go of the habits that are not serving us in order to make more room for the things that do?

What we cover in this week's episode of The HERO Podcast: 

  • One of the main contributors towards chronic stress and failed habit changes - viewing your choices as chores.
  • The main reasons why we fall into the chore mindset, and how this way of thinking can negatively impact our quality of life.
  • Three simple tactics for switching towards the choice mindset and taking back control.


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